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Trade Show Exhibits & Displays
Since 2002, Exhibit Factory successfully cultivated the combination of creative design, strategic planning and tactical management for high impact face-to-face experiences that impart an enduring brand impression. 

We are a custom design and fabrication builder of trade show exhibits, displays and booths, providing creative environmental solutions and customer-facing technology for corporate lobbies, show rooms, museums, conferences, and retail settings. Our extensive start-to-finish capabilities include graphic design and production, show services management and complete trade show program management. 

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We build custom displays with endless configurations

98% Recyclable. 100% Customizable. Infinitely Reusable : A Display System That Impacts The Audience. Not The Environment.

Our frames are 100% customizable, and are 98% recyclable... but with its ability to transform from a kiosk into a booth into a retail display and back again using the same materials, its unlikely you’ll ever want to recycle it. With reconfigurable hardware backed by a lifetime guarantee, it is, in fact, infinitely reusable. That’s good for your budget and even better for the planet.

Our Frame's versatility can save thousands of dollars and thousands of trees that would ordinarily be wasted on limited-use booths, displays and retail interiors. Imagine designing a large trade show booth that can be snapped apart into smaller trade show booths, in-store signage, retail shelving and backlit event or retail walls – and reassembled again easily. Not only would you save money on printing, shipping and production, you would nearly eliminate the waste produced by your event marketing efforts.

Sturdy aluminum frame makes it an ideal green solution for custom retail interiors as well. What if you could build a custom retail display that can be disassembled and re-used at a new location rather than demolished when the store needs to move or expand? What if you could design walls in commercial spaces could be moved, reconfigured and snapped on and off like toy blocks? Imagine the amount of wasted materials, labor and time that could be saved on even a single development. 

  • Semi-permanent
  • Endless configurations
  • Modular display
  • Lightweight
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